パートタイマーの方たちは今、私たちのヒーローです。 Part-timers are our “hero class” right now.










Part-timers are our “hero class” right now.

Yesterday, I asked the convenience store staff how it is affecting the business. She said, “the business is fine, I used to work in a restaurant too and I lost more than half of my monthly paycheck.”

In this time of crisis, our company faced as many challenges as all your business. We felt stressed and sad since most of our customers are restaurant chains, karaoke chains, and foreigner related support. Several of our clients are taking a huge burden holding sales at zero for more than a month.

We thank them for doing that so that the rest of us can sleep peacefully that the virus is not spreading further. We also worry a lot about all their staff, who might not have enough savings to hold for so long. I hope the Japanese government can also deliver help to them as fast as Germany and Canada have been able to do so.

I feel that grief is the feeling that most strongly comes to my mind. The grief for all the lost plans, for all the things that we were hoping to achieve in 2020 that will not realize. The sales figures that will have to reduce, the vacations that will not happen, the buying of a new house or a new car that will have to wait until our situation gets more stable.

In the end, the only thing I can ask for all of you is if you have to fire people, do it with kindness and try to help them get relocated. Industries that were not affected, that are actually thriving in this whole crisis also exists. Try to match the employees you will have to layoff with those companies. Message a friend, message their HR, try to reach and help them out.

Let’s get through this together.

Let me know if I, Dore, can help you with anything.

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ドレ・グスタボ(ドリー) CEO (Chief Executive Officer)